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Here are what some customers say about us:

"Thank you for the reliability you have given us over the past 14 years. We have used you for a long time. We like your service."

"Even a courier company like us uses you. That says a lot about you!"




Roadmaster Singapore Courier Service -Take Advantage of our courier services in Singapore Secrets To Reduce Your Office Delivery Cost Now! As low as $5. Amazing! Cheaper than Taxi!


If you are looking for local courier services in Singapore, look no further. Guaranteed Low Cost.


Discover HOW TO SAVE YOUR BOSS tons of money and save your job today!...

No Fixed Cost! Fee as Low as $5 to $10

With no setup fee or fixed charges in the hundred or thousands of dollars per month, you can now afford to have an army of despatch riders at your command only for as low as $5/-.


Cheaper than taxi

If you send your staff, you should not forget that you are paying by the hour much much more than using roadmaster. Then you still have to pay for his or her cab fare. Would your boss like that?



No Wastage 

With Roadmaster Singapore Courier, there is no wastage by errant despatch riders who don't answer your calls but hide in coffee shops on the job. There is no fear of absent riders on payroll. You pay as you use. Wouldn't you agree that $5 is a fee far below that of having your own inhouse despatch riders.Courier Prices as low as $5

With Roadmaster, you can get 2 to 3 riders working for you for less than the price of two cinema tickets. Would your boss like that? Would he be happy with you? You bet.


Eliminate High Fixed Cost of Staffing

Do you find your own office despatch hard to maintain? With high pay, cpf, petrol allowances, etc., it digs too much into your boss's budget. Further, one despatch can't really do it all. What happens when you got 5 to 10 deliveries that has to go out simultaneously. Now you can't really hire five despatch riders fulltime. The better answer is to outsource to external providers of courier service in Singapore like Roadmaster.



But Not All Courier Are Same

Today, courier company charges high since the last petrol increase. Further, many are of dubious quality with even porno ads on thier webpages. Imagine that! You need someone established but than again, prices are just too high. Here is how Roadmaster can help you.


Look at our prices!


Town to Town - as low as $5

Bukit Merah / Macpherson - Just $7 when other company will charge you $9.

Jurong - Just $10 when others charge you $12.


Or you can try our 1 DAY / NEXT DAY services at $6 islandwide.



Don't Take Risks - You Need A Proven Partner  

You can't take risks with your boss. You need someone proven. At Roadmaster Singapore Courier, we are an established singapore courier service provider with a known brand that remains affordable and reliable. With us, most of our service classes cost less than a taxi ride. Of course, at times, you need speed more than price. For those times, we have the URGENT and IMMEDIATE classes to power you up. But more than anything, we are someone you can trust. We have been in the business for 19 years and we will serve you well and you can count on that.


  • No Setup Fee
  • No Fixed Huge Monthly Contract Fee
  • Can start Using Immediately
  • Pay for only what you use
  • Cheaper than taxi.


You can start using us immediately. YOU can try us out on cash basis or just fax us the credit form here. It is free and no saleman will call. Click Here for the credit form .


Call 6-294-1211 Now to try us out. No obligation!


Roadmaster - You can depend on us!





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