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Common Questions & Answer Credit Account Questions
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Common Questions and Answers

  • How to order?
  • What Info is required when I order?
  • How do you calculate time of activation?
  • When can I expect the pickup once I called?
  • Can I call to check on the status of pickup or delivery?
  • Can I apply for a credit account?
  • Can you send your salesman over ?

Accounts-Related Questions

  • Can I apply for a credit account?
  • How much is the minimum usage I must have in an invoice?
  • How do you bill me under the CONVENIENT BILL ME 14 DAYS LATER facility?
  • Do you send out invoices by mail?
  • How soon must I pay up on the invoice?
  • How can I apply?
  • How long do I have to wait for approval?
  • Can you send your salesman over ?


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