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Here is our list of courier services in singapore. Get the lowest prices or go for the power classes.


With our huge fleet on the road, Roadmaster is renown for its Urgent, Super Urgent, Double Super Urgent courier delivery. Get Step by Steps answers to our services. These pages are made in an easy and descriptive manner.



Important Warning!... It is less than taking a cab ride, and cost less than the local urgent mail from the post office. Further without the queue! Just for $5 to $10, you really can't beat using the Normal Class for the saver. Sure beats queueing!



I'm so EXCITED about our URGENT class. I can't wait for you to experience these benefits! Imagine within 2-3 hours, you can get your documents to your destination. That's power in your hand. Even for far off areas, the urgent courier class has maximum delivery time of 4 hours, excluding lunch time.  Urgent services are good for banking job and the more urgent tasks.



It's easy to use the DOUBLE-URGENT Class to get that delivery fulfilled in double quick time. The Double Urgent class of courier services in Singapore is just what you need to get it there without much expense.



The IMMEDIATE service class is the ultimate category of Roadmaster's  courier services in Singapore. At times, that document / parcel is just too urgent to go by any other means. Don't hesistate to use the IMMEDIATE class to maximise your company's need when you have to.



We have the largest group of vans, cars, truck and lorries to get your heavy stuff there FAST! Check it out! 



Don't send your own staff to do these stuff again. Why waste days of salary making your office staff do this kind of tough job. Two days pay is 4 times what Roadmaster charges the job.



We provide reliable quick cheque and over the counter banking and submission services. It is cheaper than having your own despatch rider



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